A Path Less Travelled

Oct 2013

Migrated Blog to Harp

I have migrated my blog to Harp! Now I've waved goodbye to Jekyll and Blaze HTML, and am using Jade instead. I am pretty happy with the migration.

Though I am not using Harp as a server, I'm happy with its compilation process. With native Jade support, I can finally get rid of my Makefiles! Jade also supports embedded JavaScript logic, so tag pages can be generated directly in the Jade template, rather than in a Jekyll plugin, which is definately more convenient in my eyes.

Also, the meta data is put in a separate _data.json file in each directory, rather than scattering in each page. This is arguably better than in-page meta data, as it allows easy tag extraction. And it makes each page clean, as the meta data is not always syntactically correct, which sometimes makes me, a purist, itch somewhere unscratchable. And it eases meta data processing logic in the static site generator. Though, sometimes it is more annoying to open up another file to write meta data to, and you tend to forget.

On the whole, I am pretty happy with the transition. Oh, I had to patch the Terraform library depended by Harp to make nested layout templates possible. I will send the patch upstream some time later. Can't believe they left such useful functionality out.

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