A Path Less Travelled


My name is Zhang Yichao. Reach me by Gmail

My GitHub acocunt is: echaozh.

My preferences of languages include: Ruby, Haskell, LiveScript, JavaScript, C++, Erlang, Python, and C, in the order of precedence. Script languages compiling to JavaScript are on the radar. (I believe in one page web applications.)

I have professional experience in C++, C, and Python, with code running in production. I can speak and have casual experience in other preferred languages. I have knowledge in Lua, as I have built a C++ wrapper for Lua interpreter, but I am not particularly drawn towards it. I want my code to look beautiful and be a pleasure to read. The language plays a strong role here, so I prefer some over the others.

I have professional experience in distributed system construction. I have also written web crawlers for JavaScript enabled sites. It's not a coincidence.